SketchAI art app - quick overview

here's the interesting app which is called sketch AI drawing to AI art so this app is is right in this AI wave where you know you can just add photos you can in many other apps you can generate AI avatars in this app basically you can add some existing image and then it will generate different variants of it with like different styles using AI so it's pretty interesting app uh create digital artwork like never before we schedule the ultimate tool for artists of all levels Rai technology helps you take your sketches to the next level whether you're working on blank canvas or importing own photos to modify with awesome tools so you can access to different tools uh yeah like zoom in I'll zoom out of your canvas and you can generate as many variations as you want simply by adding prompts to better describe your vision so yeah and I think you can get like five sketches for free in the beginning but for some reason it's it's not downloading it I don't know uh okay so I'll just try another

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