Slingshot Instant Camera app - how to use

Slingshot Instant Camera app - how to use

Slingshot Instant Camera app is making waves in the tech industry, recently featuring on TechCrunch. Let's take a closer look at how to use this innovative app.

Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to create an account using your phone number. It is important to note that currently, Slingshot is only available in the US and Canada, so keep that in mind when signing up. Once you have set up your username, you will be ready to start using the app.

To access the camera feature, simply pull down on the screen. This will reveal the camera, allowing you to take photos instantly. It's worth mentioning that the destination of these photos is unclear. Are they being sent to your feed or somewhere else? This part of the app's functionality could perhaps use further clarification.

One of the key aspects of Slingshot Instant Camera app is its social element. You can search for friends within the app, enabling you to connect with people you know. The feed will display updates from all your friends, keeping you in the loop with their latest photos and moments.

In addition to the feed, you can also access your profile. Here, you can find your invite link, view your existing friends, add new friends, see who has added you, and search for people. It is important to note that Slingshot appears to be in the early stages of development, so some features may be limited or basic for now.

Customizing your profile picture is also an option within the app. However, it is unclear whether you can delete your account or make other adjustments at this time. As the app continues to evolve, it is expected that these functions will be developed and refined.

While Slingshot Instant Camera app is not yet widely available on the app store, you can search for it on TechCrunch or visit to find the app and give it a try. Once you have the app installed, you will be able to shoot instant pictures to your friends and enjoy the unique experience Slingshot offers.

The process is simple: pull down on the screen to reveal the camera, release your finger to capture the picture instantly, and it will be sent off. Your screen will fill up with screenshots of photos your friends have sent you, making it easy to access and enjoy them by tapping each bubble.

In conclusion, Slingshot Instant Camera app shows great promise. Though still in the early stages, this app combines elements of Snapchat and Be Real, creating a unique social experience. As new features are added and existing ones are enhanced, Slingshot has the potential to become a must-have app for capturing and sharing moments with friends. So get out there and start slingshotting!

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