SnapChat - hidden from quick add

Snapchat users may have noticed a feature where certain friends appear hidden from the "Quick Add" section. When navigating through your friends list in the app, you might come across individuals labeled under "hidden from Quick Add." These are Snapchat users who have been intentionally hidden from the Quick Add suggestions. Here's a breakdown of what this means and how you can manage this setting:

  • The users marked as hidden from Quick Add are typically people recommended based on your contacts or activity within the app.
  • If you wish to hide specific users from the Quick Add section, you can easily do so within the app.
  • However, hiding someone from Quick Add doesn't mean they are permanently removed. You can always reverse this action and uncover them in the hidden section.

In the video transcript discussing this feature, it is mentioned that users have the flexibility to hide certain individuals for their convenience. This feature acts as a safeguard in case users mistakenly hide someone and later want to reverse that action.

Overall, Snapchat's hidden from Quick Add feature provides users with control over the friends suggested in the Quick Add section, allowing for a more tailored social networking experience. Users can customize their connections based on their preferences and interactions within the app.

Whether you are managing your friend list or exploring new connections on Snapchat, the hidden from Quick Add feature adds a layer of personalization to your social interactions within the app.

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