SnapChat- how to pin your friend or group on a Lockscreen?

Snapchat - How to Pin Your Friend or Group on a Lockscreen?

Snapchat has recently released three new lock screen widgets, one of which allows you to pin a friend or a group on your lock screen. This feature can come in handy for those who use Snapchat regularly and want to access their friends' chat or stories quickly. Here's how you can do it.

Firstly, head to your phone settings and then go to wallpaper. You will need to add widgets and select Snapchat from the list. Swipe to the right, and a new screen will appear from where you can select 'Pin a Friend or a Group.'

Next, select the friend or group you want to pin from your Snapchat account. You can select your best friend to appear on the lock screen or somebody else, whichever you desire.

If you wish to change the friend or group that appears on the lock screen, you can tap and hold on the widget and then select the option to change or remove the friend or group.

It is important to note that this widget is only available for users who have already added a friend or group on their Snapchat account. For those who have not, they will need to add a friend or group first before being able to use this feature.

This new feature is a convenient way of keeping up with your favorite Snapchat friends without having to unlock your phone and scroll through the app. It is also a useful tool for proper time management, helping you to be more productive during the day.

In conclusion, just follow the steps mentioned above, and you're all set to pin your favorite friends or group on your lock screen. Don't forget to update your Snapchat app to enjoy this new feature to the fullest.

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