Snapchat multi snap option not showing for you? Try this

Snapchat users may find themselves puzzled when the multi snap option disappears on the app. However, there are steps that can be taken to potentially resolve this issue. Here is a simple guide to troubleshoot the missing multi snap option:

  1. Open Snapchat and verify: The first step is to open the Snapchat app and check if the multi snap option is indeed missing. Go to a snap and ensure that the multi snap feature is not available.
  2. Log out and log back in: To attempt to bring back the multi snap option, navigate to your profile, tap on the gear icon for settings, and choose to log out. After logging back in, check if the multi snap feature has reappeared.
  3. Enable Easy Sign-In: Consider setting up the Easy Sign-In feature on Snapchat to avoid repeatedly entering your email and password. This can be done when logging out and logging back in.
  4. Update the app: Ensure that your Snapchat app is up to date by installing any available updates. Sometimes, software updates contain fixes for known issues, which may include the missing multi snap problem.

It is unclear what has caused the disappearance of the multi snap option. While there is speculation about technical glitches, bugs, or server issues, Snapchat has not officially communicated any plans to remove the feature permanently.

Users experiencing this issue are advised to reach out to Snapchat support via Twitter and monitor for any updates from the app. In the meantime, following the suggested steps can serve as a temporary workaround until a more permanent solution is provided.

Remember to keep your Snapchat app updated and be on the lookout for any potential fixes. Give these troubleshooting tips a try and see if the multi snap option returns for you.

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