SnapChat My Ai CHANGED AGAIN - you CAN’t CLEAR from CHATFEED even with SnapChat PLUS 😱

SnapChat My Ai CHANGED AGAIN - you CAN’t CLEAR from CHATFEED even with SnapChat PLUS 😱

Snapchat users, beware! The app has once again made changes to its settings with its AI chatbot, and it's causing a lot of discussions as users are super unhappy with it. The worst part? Even those with a free account have been affected.

The buttons and settings on Snapchat are changing so frequently that what worked a week ago may not work anymore. For instance, previously, you could tap and hold on My AI, go to chat settings, and then clear the AI chatbot from your chat feed. Unfortunately, that is not possible anymore.

Even when you go to My AI account, clearing it from your chat feed isn't an option anymore. This means that you can't customize your avatar either.

To clear your chat feed of My AI, you'll now need Snapchat Plus. Simply unpin it from there and message other people to slowly allow the chat to go down. It's worth noting that before the latest round of changes, clearing your chat feed meant that it was instantly cleared and disappeared.

The constant changes to Snapchat can be frustrating, particularly for regular users who rely on its functionality. However, with a little patience and utilizing features like Snapchat Plus, it's still possible to get by.

In conclusion, Snapchat's changes may not always be welcome, but it's important to try and stay up-to-date and find workarounds. With tech and software constantly evolving, it's essential to keep adapting and learning to stay ahead.

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