SnapChat+ MY AI - quick preview, how to get started?

so here's a new feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers my AI this is basically a chatbot I think it's based on open AI uh chat GPT API so similar to Bing or all this new trending new technologies chat GPD and yeah this is like like your AI assistant inside of Snapchat so let's just try it out I first time open it up so my AI is an experimental chatbot it's a fun way to get information but it's not intended to give advice unlike other chats with friends all messages with my AI will be retained unless you delete them and might be used to improve snaps products please do not share any sensitive confidential information um so yeah that's important thing to know that your messages here will be retained my AI my use information you share with Snapchat to personalized responses there can be some biased information actually so yeah you can just

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