Snapchat Plus New Feature - adding custom emoji to sign to replies!

so there are a bunch of new features with snapchat plus and one of them uh is a custom emoji to sign off your snaps so once a friend's views your snaps their module appear on the timeline next to the subscribers avatar so here is like if you just go to snapchat plus you will see post view emoji section this emoji will be shown to your friend immediately after they view a snap you send them and then you can just select it like this and then you can just add any emoji which will be shown that way so that's basically the idea um yeah and it's there is some preview from techcrunch so then you will see something as you see here here jill color or something like that then you will see that emoji which just appears next to the avatar so yeah um so something around it uh it's a new feature just add it to snapchat plus so you can subscribe to snapchat plus and you can get access to early features and nearly previews and hope this is helpful

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