SnapChat - “Save login info on your iCloud devices” - use multiple accounts

SnapChat recently introduced a new feature that allows users to easily switch between multiple accounts by saving login information on their iCloud devices. In a video walkthrough of the feature, a user demonstrates how to access this functionality within the Snapchat app.

To utilize this feature, users simply need to tap on Snapchat in the top left corner, navigate to the settings, and log out of their current account. Upon logging out, users will see the option to "save login info on your iCloud devices." Enabling this feature ensures that login information is stored securely on the user's iCloud account on their iPhone.

Once the login information is saved, switching between accounts becomes a seamless process. When attempting to log in with a different account, users can effortlessly select the desired profile, and the login process will occur automatically without the need to re-enter passwords.

This new feature streamlines the account-switching process on Snapchat, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter passwords. By leveraging iCloud to store login information, users can easily manage multiple accounts within the app with minimal effort.

Overall, the ability to save login information on iCloud devices enhances the user experience on Snapchat, making it more convenient for individuals who maintain multiple accounts on the platform. It offers a simple and efficient solution for users looking to manage their accounts effortlessly.

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