SnapChat + Story Boost - what is it? How it works

so here is Snapchat Plus and they have a new feature which is called storyboost which means move your story near the front of the line to get more views friends one now you have boosted so yeah if your Snapchat Plus subscriber which is like 3.99 per month you can actually do that and yeah so that's that's the idea of it um let's just go into more detail so here you can just read it go to your profile open your active friend or private store you should see an option to put your story below the story somewhere and tap Boost account down from 24 hours we'll start after you boost your story it's not for commercial use it's only available for French stores and it's not allowed to Advertiser of any kind so yeah uh and then the idea is that you can boost your private Snapchat story for 24 hours and get more views from Friends fast one story boost per week is included in your Snapchat Plus subscription if you don't use your Boost that Peak it expires uh so yeah that's basically basically quickly and then um I can see to my stories and yeah I don't yet see this setting uh so you still need to explore this feature a bit more but yeah you can also go secures resist tutorial and just figure it out so you hope at least that is helpful

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