Snapseed app from Google - how to use? Overview

so what is Snapseed app it's kind of trending app in the in the app store on iOS in Google and photos category it's a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google so 29 tools and filters including healing brush structure HDR perspective open zip back and raw files so your personal looks and apply them to new photos later select a filter brush all styles can be tweaked with find precise control tools filters and face so you can access all of that yeah so perfect any photo fats using tools and filters tune any effect with precision Pro level editing tools um on door and re-addit your undo and re-edit your edits so yeah that's basically it and then uh I just want to add some photo for example something like this and then you can see some filters here and it's just you know there are a lot of filters the app is really easy to use you can use all of that it's pretty cool so that's basically the idea how you can get it uh uh yeah so something around it and then yeah for example you can just apply that filter so there are then all these different tools which is like pretty crazy so this app I think in in a nutshell it's just becoming a Photoshop on mobile so instead of using you know like super like complex and advanced Photoshop tools on on mobile which is like a bit complicated here you can just have a bit more basic but still pretty Advanced tools um to uh to add it at all of these different filters and edits like and all of that so it's like pretty interesting so you can just play around with it you have details curves white balance so you can just change white balance if you want a temperature and then you can just drag around it so it's pretty interesting then you can just change all of that crop rotate perspective expand brush healing HDR um Escape so yeah all of that you can just have here then there is export and then you can just share open save a copy or export here it's like pretty cool app actually so yeah definitely give it a try uh and then you can just see it here you can see all the settings uh you can just rotate and yeah so this is kind of the apps it's like super quick preview in case you want to try it out super minimalistic easy to use like but of course you have all the Google engine behind it like all the massive resources in budget and probably there are access to all the AI tools so yeah I think this app is actually can like develop a lot if Google pushes and one truly to build like a Photoshop on on iPhone I think they can do it actually so yeah try out this app

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