Snapshot Mobile app - how to install on iPhone?

was its snapshot mobile app so let's just up get to to install it um so yes snapshot app is available to everyone even if you if you are not a progressive policy holder peoples will already purchase the Progressive insurance policy and enrolled in Snapchat with the mobile app can use it to complete their snapshot driving period and it's available in select States people who are not current Progressive customers can use a snapshot app to participate in snapshot throw a test it's a way to try out snapshot before you buy and potentially even earn a discount so yeah here is the app you can see your trips get saved driving trips tips lower rates uh so this is basically an insurance app quite popular so you need to register here um so you just need to figure out first if it's the right app for use it's not snapshot app is for Progressive customers who enrolled in the mobile program or non-customers looking to try snapshot through a test um so yeah here for example you just can enter and then then you can just progress from here and then um here you can get a quote and all of that yeah so I hope you got an idea just have this app can look like and you can hear you have some support numbers so you can call them and then then they just call you back so that's just basically an idea how to install this app and what you can expect from it

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