Sony Headphones WH CH720N BATTERY draining too fast - what to do?

Hey everyone, I recently discovered that the battery on my Sony WH CH720N headphones was draining unusually fast. These headphones are part of the Bluetooth headphone series, with one of the popular and affordable models being the Sony WH-CH712TM. I decided to investigate the issue and find out what was causing the rapid battery drain.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that I had not enabled the button to turn off the ambient sound control on my headphones. The headphones offer three different modes: noise cancelling, ambient sound, and off. Noise cancelling is useful in environments such as open offices, where you want to block out all external noise. Ambient sound, on the other hand, allows you to listen to both your music and your surroundings, making it ideal for activities like bike riding.

It turns out that having both noise cancelling and ambient sound enabled significantly drains the battery. Even if you turn off the headphones while these two options are active, the battery will still deplete much faster than usual. To address this issue, I decided to add another button for the off setting.

By default, the headphones have a button to switch between noise cancelling and ambient sound modes. However, I added an additional off button so that when I turn off my headphones, it completely shuts off the sound. This simple change resulted in noticeable battery savings.

After implementing this button switch, I found that my headphones retained a much higher battery charge. Previously, when turning off my headphones with ambient sound enabled, I would notice a 20% battery drain overnight. However, after incorporating the off button, the battery level remained almost full without the need for charging.

Keep in mind that the Sony WH CH720N is a more affordable model, so battery performance may not be as optimal as higher-end options. However, if you primarily use your Bluetooth headphones at home, you can benefit from implementing this switch and ensuring that the headphones are not in ambient or noise cancelling mode when not in use.

Since this adjustment seems to be working well for me, I plan to continue monitoring the battery performance. It's always worth exploring different settings and options provided by your tech devices to optimize their usage and extend their battery life.

Remember, if you encounter a similar issue with your Sony WH CH720N headphones or any other tech device, consider researching and experimenting with various settings to find the best solution.

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