Soul Knight Prequel Error - what you can do?

So, here you can see that there is a Soul Knight prequel error, specifically it has error code 6, config error, please try restarting the game. It's not only you, a lot of users are having this error right now. And what I'm reading on Reddit is just that it's not some kind of bug with your internet or your tool, whatever. This is simply a server issue. It happens to apps, it happens to games, so yeah, they're having a problem with servers currently and it will take a while to fix the issue.

So, that's that. Nobody knows how much time it will take to resolve the problem. It just depends on their developers. It's a common occurrence with games and apps, especially if they have overloaded servers. Usually, it can take a day or so to address such issues. Sometimes these apps can introduce a queue system to manage server load and prevent overload.

I would suggest you wait for around a day, maybe two days or so. I don't think it would take a week because that would be detrimental to the game's reputation. But yeah, expect to wait for a few days.

Another piece of advice would be to try playing the game during non-peak times, such as the early morning or late at night, specifically United States time. This way, there will be fewer users and less pressure on the servers, potentially improving your experience.

In conclusion, the Soul Knight prequel error with error code 6 is a server issue that the developers are aware of. It may take some time to fix, but be patient and try playing the game during off-peak hours for a smoother experience.

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