Spark Creative Play app - glitches, bugs

so here is trending viral app which is called spark creative play uh which was designed by uh yeah or famous YouTuber Elizabeth uh but there are a few glitches still so uh here if you go to the app uh you can see that uh there are a few glitches and it's actually pretty good Summer from this user so uh yeah there is some unintentional Mark you can get rid of you can't erase anything after saving and going back to edit later you can't zoom in there is a limit to the amount you're able to zoom in zoom out uh when you start a drawing go back uh uh and say again create additional drawing uh would be yeah there is no enough added options uh uh yeah so it's very difficult confusing to find where to search for other users I had to watch a video for reference uh and it takes forever to load um yeah so yeah and also another issue if you go through reviews is that a lot of people just can't create an account so yeah uh that's just an issue it just says uh oops something went wrong so people just can't create an account so does that anyhow hope at least that is helpful I would suggest you just keep an eye on this app and make sure it is being updated updated they also developer response here is that there is a huge influx of new users is the app is in top charts right now so probably that will happen so yeah just make sure to update the app you can always reach out to their support you can write too but not sure that you will receive a lot of replies here so yeah you can just go to their support section and tap contact us like that so yeah hope that can be helpful

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