Spark Creative Play app - how to create an account & get started?

hello everyone here's interesting app which is called spark creative play discover your creativity um so yeah this app jumped into the top chart in the US App Store so as you can see here here is the it's number one in Graphics and Design charts um so what this app does so it's your digital Studio to create Inspire and play with others uh daily Sparks prompt you with ideas for creating unique toolkit my scripting fun and easy um yeah so something like that it's kind of like a digital studio app with social media elements so get started first for your first part let's create your own avatar so create your own avatar so uh um okay I can just draw something good then I need to or I can just draw like that yeah okay let's save it sparkler name and then Andrew and then you can enter your email password email and password and then create your account so that's basically how you create your account super easy there is no option to sign in with Apple ID or Google or something like that I will explain that in a future videos

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