so here is Spark app and just created an account and I want to do this first tutorial with you okay so here it is daily spark stop on screen and I will walk you through how to get started and share some helpful tips first here you will see a spark of the day create using lots of shapes tap the shapes or other spark you can do too so here you can create from an idea applied for way to create play and create With Friends um so here is uh here are some tools you can draw you can change the size you can tap your razor you can tap draw anytime to switch back to pan you can charge change the color you can zoom in or zoom out and then snap your canvas back when you finish and then play starts now so here you can just create some you know shapes like that uh so you just created it it's like a drawing tool then you can just have your creation you can confirm it it can be visible to everyone and there you have it now you just have your creation done so that's basically the idea you have it now then you have your settings um and that's basically that so that's the idea um and then this is like a social network and then yeah you can see a lot of Creations from other users which can be pretty Advanced actually so you can see all of this Creations by some usernames so you can see like that so it's pretty cool actually right so then you can go to this account you can follow and follow Adventures this is just like some specific gallery top right you can just report the Creator so this app is actually pretty similar to shuffles app by Pinterest maybe you've heard about it so search for it as well now it doesn't require invite code so you can just create yeah shuffles it's like online canvas um so something like it so here you can see again you can create your own you can get inspiration from Discovery board and then here there is again some explanation um so you see your active corporations here your daily Sparks can be found in the canvas uh the boat tells you what's new new uh yeah other creations and settings so something like so it's pretty interesting layout of the app it can be a bit confusing in the beginning but there you have it it's much more fun um and then you just have this uh so that's basically the idea you can create a new Avatar you can go to your Creations to your gallery if you want you can delete it you can say it visible to Aaron or not you can change your username so all the standard settings uh you can also delete your account if you're not happy or if you want to hide your drawings uh so there you have it it's pretty interesting app pretty cool I don't know who is more ask questions um and remix is that you can actually put your own spin on any creation which means that basically you can use someone else picture and then you can just uh yeah use it and uh uh add some additional drawings to it and all of that so yeah that's the idea people are getting like pretty Advanced here so anyone who you follow basically will appear on your dashboard in the beginning so again I follow sparkly and then so here you can create from idea playful way to create or uh yeah so these are device to do it hope this is all helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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