Spark Moriah Elizabeth app - Can’t create an account error

so here is this uh viral app called spark creative play developed by Mariah Elizabeth and it's kind of like Instagram with your own graphics with your own not images but the things you draw on your phone but a lot of users just report this they just can't create an account every time I try to create my account I get an error saying oops not sure what happened there we will let Opie know I have tried at least 20 times and even tried on a much newer iPhone sync it might be my older one really wasn't supported so try it multiple times on a new one some error every time um so yeah um so that's basically that there are a lot of replies and then it just says again oops there is a problem so it's a common issue when when people try to create an account and this is the reply just 11 hours ago when this video was posted probably like it says we are so sorry you had problems creating your account you experienced some early launch issues and have worked hard since last 48 hours to iron out these Kinks we very much hope that you will try creating an account again because we can't wait to see you so there you have it so yeah the app was quite slow I was able to create an account on my iPhone 7 through a pretty old iPhone but the app itself is it's a bit slow like it's a bit glitchy and it takes some time to lower the images but overall it works perfect and it's really a great idea I think uh yeah so that's basically it um so that's basically that's the the most common bug that you just can't create an account but what I would suggest make sure to update the app to the latest version uh make sure you have to do that and maybe you can just wait a bit like a few days because the app is number two in the top charts and Graphic and Design so probably there are some issues

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