Spill App - quick overview & how to use

Spill App - Quick Overview & How to Use

Spill app is an alternative to Twitter that has gained popularity, particularly among the black community. In this quick overview, I will show you how to use this microblogging app.

To start, you will need an invite code to download the app. If you already have one, you can simply log in with your handle and password. Once you access the app, you will be greeted with your feed, which is visually similar to Twitter but with a larger font and a funky design at the bottom.

If you swipe down from the top of the screen, you will enter the discovery feed. Here, you can find the hot list, top trending posts, and top hashtags. You can tap on the interesting hashtags to explore related content.

There are different sections within the app that you can navigate to. "Fresh Tea" consists of recommended posts for you, similar to a discovery feed. "My Brew" showcases posts from people you are following.

You can personalize your account by tapping on your profile. From here, you can edit your profile picture, name, bio, location, and website. Save your changes by tapping the save button. You will also find your invite codes in the "Edit Profile" section, which you can share with others to join the Spill app.

Under the settings menu, you can delete your account, change the app's theme, and access support and accessibility options.

Posts on Spill app are referred to as spills, similar to tweets on Twitter. You can engage with other users by commenting on their spills or liking them. The cup icon represents a like, and the comment icon allows you to leave comments. You can also report users or block them if needed. Additionally, you have the option to quote posts, which is a popular way of engaging with others and gaining more popularity and shares.

If you wish to share your own spill, simply tap the bottom button, which allows you to share photos, links, and create threads. While it's unclear if videos can be shared at the moment, you can add camera photos, give links, and create threads.

Currently, the Spill app is available on iOS for iPhone users but not on the Google Play Store.

In conclusion, the Spill app offers a minimalistic and visually pleasing alternative to Twitter. With its unique design and features, it aims to provide users with an engaging microblogging experience.

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