Spoff app overview - stop robocalls - how to use on iPhone?

hello everyone so here is interesting app called spoff identify fishing and spam calls it's climbed to the top charts of social networking and with this app you can easily identify spam and unknown calls you can identify telemarketers and other spam callers and plug them instantly uh uh Blacklist numbers can be blocked finely and without ruining this robocall blocker can reject calls and SMS from any unknown number and keep you from being bothered when you want to change your contact on your Blacklist you can easily pull it out and or add it to your white list so yeah that's basically the idea uh you just install the app here and then yeah you can see some screenshots stop annoying numbers from disturbing unlimited Blacklist uh yeah and then yeah you can just start to create an account get rid of Unleashed calls easily set up The Blacklist and don't be Buzzard anymore create a blacklist with a 99 version block them so create unlimited Blacklist is more than 10 numbers uh it's three day free trial than 39.99 per month uh uh if you get a lot of robocalls you can use that or maybe there is some free version of our limited free version so yeah here you can just start setting it up um enable spot features Opera settings font code blocking and notification enables both uh so yeah just to do that you need to First do these settings so open settings phone so let's just search for the phone in the settings so phone what else uh call blocking and identification uh and then here you can just enable this app a local blocking a notification apps to block calls and provide caller ID these apps are not able to access any information about your incoming calls so yeah that's what you can do here and then you can just set up all our calls uh yeah something interesting and then here you have your Blacklist there are no number you can add some numbers here already two and then there are some settings uh yeah that's basically how it works and then in any occasion you can just reach out to their support uh that's the idea here and then you can just uh start blocking some calls if someone you know call calling you from like uh Microsoft support center or someone offering you some insurances or I don't know like uh some coverages uh all of that like robocalls maybe this app can be helpful I didn't use it before I don't know if it if it works in us or if it works internationally also in Europe UK Australia or Canada um uh um so have no idea but maybe it can be helpful as it climbs in the top charts already in the social networking category um so also we can just go through reviews there are only like 70 ratings uh and then yes there are some uh pretty nice reviews for over a year I have been getting calls from local numbers and you recently stated one in one vacation it helps a lot uh uh so some people says say it's actually scammy some people say it's it's helpful so yeah maybe it's not yet that many reviews in this app to completely make a decision but definitely give it give it a try if you feel that you're super annoyed with this all this robocalls

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