Spotify AI DJ feature - quick overview

hey everyone so Spotify is launching AI DJ features pretty interesting uh they just launched it this week in beta to personalize the music listening experience for its users similar to radio DJ spotify's DJ feature will deliver a created selection of Music alongside in its case AI power spoken commentary about the tracks and artists you like using the word Spotify says it's a stunningly realistic voice and the voice is based on spotify's head of cultural Partnerships serve your turn again so you just need to update your Spotify IOS app Android and go to music feed and then tap play on the DJ card to begin and then DJ will then begin to play a lineup of music and short commentary um so yeah and then it's also using some open AI technology here in this app so yeah let's just try to find it but however in my case if I just go here I tap on the music feed Mason is happening I don't know I updated Spotify app and for some reason it's just not here so yeah um don't know it's a cool feature probably it's just rolling out slowly across countries so maybe it's not yet there but anyhow that's an interesting feature you can just try out Spotify AI DJ just make sure to update the app I hope it should be available also to free users not only to Spotify Premium um and yeah hope that's helpful

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