Spotify DAYLIST - what is it? How to find it

Spotify DAYLIST - what is it? How to find it

The ever-evolving world of personalized playlists on Spotify just got even better with the introduction of Daylist. But what exactly is Daylist? And how can you find it? Let's delve into the details.

Daylist is a new personalized playlist offered by Spotify. It is designed to adapt to your moods throughout the day, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack for every moment. This playlist will live alongside other personalized playlists such as Discover Weekly, On Repeat, and your mixes, adding another layer of musical variety to your Spotify experience.

The beauty of Daylist is that it takes into account your listening history and recent music styles, allowing it to recommend tracks that align with your preferences. It aims to provide you with a refreshing change when you're feeling a bit bored with your usual playlists like Discover Weekly or daily mixes.

Unfortunately, Daylist isn't available to everyone just yet. Although early screenshots have been circulating, the playlist itself is still inaccessible for many users. Upon attempting to click on the link, you may find that it's not yet available. It's possible that Daylist is only accessible in specific markets, such as the United States.

When Daylist does become available, finding it is simple. You can search for the term "Spotify" on the platform or head directly to However, it's important to note that at the moment, you might encounter a message stating that the playlist isn't available. This could be due to the owner of the playlist making it private or removing it from Spotify.

In addition to its personalized music recommendations, the new Daylist playlist also includes a built-in sharing feature designed for social media. This feature provides you with a ready-made screenshot, personalized sticker, or customizable share card to make it easier for you to share your favorite tracks and playlists with your friends and followers.

While Daylist hasn't fully rolled out yet, it holds great potential in enhancing the personalized music experience on Spotify. As the playlist becomes more widely available, users will have another way to discover new tracks that resonate with their unique preferences and moods throughout the day.

So keep an eye out for Daylist, as it could be the next exciting addition to your Spotify collection.

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