Spotify for Podcasters app - quick preview

here's an app called Spotify for podcasters it's a new app uh formerly I think it was named anchor formerly known as anchor is the easiest way to create and share your podcast so this is like a rebranding from Spotify and they just announced the majority branding of their main Spotify app and also they're trying to do much bigger push into um podcaster space so yeah you can just download it and then you can log in with your your account with your anchor account or you can sign up with apple and then you can just start hosting your podcast and there are a lot of new features here there is free hosting and distribution and then you can share not only to Spotify everywhere you can qualify to get some ads to earn money every time people listen you can earn through podcast subscriptions and all of that however all these earning capabilities is just available mainly to US market so you need to be based in United States but it should be coming internationally pretty soon uh so yeah you can just go to the website and then you can see uh how it works so it should provide some additional analytics should be able to upload video podcasts to Spotify earn some money uh yeah it's a kind of a new push and you can read about it on media uh so here you can just so you will be able to host you have Qi and pulse you have advanced Analytics then there are podcasts previews on Spotify you can add podcast chapters creators can apply to participate in Spotify labs and all of that so yeah try out this app and tell what you think

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