Spotify for Podcasters (former - FULL OVERVIEW

so Spotify for podcaster former anchor is has an updated app and let's see what's new so uh you have some Advanced Spotify Analytics uh you will find the dashboard you need to make uh management level up your shows or additional q a it falls or additional monetization uh tools and all of that so yeah here you can just see some of the uh overuse it kind of looks similar to to Anchor show to Anchor app I don't see that much redesign I mean you can just tap on on episode you can just see the total play place and then you can see now interact tab which is something new where you can ask a question you can add a poll just to a Spotify podcast you can ask a question your question will appear under the episode's description on Spotify uh so yeah then you can update episode details delete it then there are a bunch of tools uh new episode uh you can record it you can send voice messages upload from from library add some interlude so uh that's what you can do then you can have all this Analytics uh uh you can see podcast performance you can see some top episodes this is just like us my small podcast feel free to check it out then you can see like the audience the location platforms where people are listening to it you can see age so something like that then you can see your podcast availability uh account settings so this is where you can check it out yeah so that's basically the quick overview so yeah you can create you can record just your podcast from here from this app and record audio if you want but as in my experience um it's quite limited recording you know so you can do some Advanced things you can just record and you can invite friends also and you record together but um it's like you know it's very limited editing but it is good for like quick live shows quick like new Snippets or something like that but of course it's not the tool to make a professional podcast but then of course you can just upload and then uh existing content you can import music here there is some music there is at there is some voice messages here um so yeah interesting to see how it develops and check it out and all of this is free tool so you don't need to pay anything it's like pretty Advanced so there are a lot of podcasting hosting platforms but where you will need to pay but here it's kind of works like that

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