Spotify Jam - how to use? Overview

Spotify Jam - how to use? Overview

If you're a fan of Spotify and love discovering new music with your friends, the new Spotify Jam feature is definitely worth exploring. To make use of this feature, simply open any playlist, tap on the three dots, and start a jam. It's as simple as that.

Upon opening a playlist, if you see a notification saying "jam already in progress," you have the option to join an ongoing jam. To invite your friends to join the jam, you can share a link through your group chat. Simply tap on the green "share a link" button, and your friends will be able to access the playlist and join the jam effortlessly.

Alternatively, Spotify provides multiple ways to invite friends to your jam session. Besides sharing a link, you can display a QR code for others to scan with their phones. If you prefer a more old-fashioned approach, you can even enable Bluetooth and bring your phones together to create a connection and join the jam.

It's important to note that while this feature offers an exciting interactive experience, it may require some technical setup. Sometimes, the process may not work perfectly, so sharing the link is usually the easiest and most reliable option.

Once everyone has joined the jam, it becomes a group playlist where every participant can add their own songs and manage the queue. This is particularly useful at parties or social gatherings where you want to make the music selection a collaborative effort. It's a great way to ensure everyone's preferences are taken into account, provided that the participants follow a similar musical style or theme.

Before the introduction of the Spotify Jam feature, parties often relied on a single laptop playing the playlist. If someone wanted to add a song, they would have to approach the laptop physically. Now, with Spotify Jam, it's much more convenient. Whether you're attending a party or hosting one yourself, everyone can contribute to the playlist and add songs directly through the jam feature.

So, if you want to elevate your music-sharing experience and create a more interactive atmosphere at your next gathering, give Spotify Jam a try. It's a cool feature that adds a new dimension to group playlists, making music selection a collaborative and dynamic process.

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