Spotify Jam “Let others change what’s playing”

In the latest update to Spotify Jam, users now have the option to let others change what's playing. This feature allows for a more collaborative experience when sharing and controlling the music during a group event or gathering. Whether you're hosting a party or simply jamming out with friends, this new feature adds an extra layer of interaction and excitement.

To access this setting, simply tap on the Settings tab within the Spotify Jam app. If you are the host of the jam, you will see the option to enable or disable the "Let others change what's playing" setting. By default, this setting is turned on, meaning that everyone participating in the jam can control what's playing and add songs to the queue.

When this setting is enabled, anyone can change the current song being played at any given moment. This allows for spontaneous song selections and keeps the music dynamic and tailored to the collective taste of the group. However, it's important to note that this level of control can sometimes lead to disruptions or clashes in song choices.

If you prefer to have more control over the music selection and avoid any unexpected changes, you can choose to disable this feature. When disabled, participants will only be able to add songs to the queue. Once the current song finishes, the next song in the queue will automatically start playing. This ensures a smoother and more curated music experience, without the constant interruptions of song changes.

The songs added to the queue can be from anyone participating in the jam, adding a collaborative element to the music selection process. Each guest can contribute their favorite tracks, creating a playlist that represents the diverse tastes of the group.

It's worth mentioning that the "Let others change what's playing" feature is enabled by default. This means that if you don't manually toggle it off, anyone in the jam will have the ability to change the currently playing song at any time.

Whether you prefer a more controlled music experience or enjoy the spontaneity of collaborative song choices, Spotify Jam has you covered. With this new feature, you can create a fun and interactive atmosphere where everyone can contribute to the soundtrack of the moment. So start jamming, sharing your favorite tracks, and letting the music flow in perfect harmony.

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