Spotify New TikTok-like Design - Overview If you are a Spotify user, you might have noticed the new app design inspired by TikTok. Yes, you read it right! Recently, Spotify made a major redesign that made their app look more like TikTok. In this blog post, we will quickly go through the new layout and show you how you can access it. To get started, make sure you have updated your app to the latest version. Once you open the app, you will notice a complete redesign. The new design allows you to swipe through your playlists and discover new music easily. If you are not seeing the updated design, try scrolling up and down on the music tab. The new design features a combination of singles and playlists in a TikTok-like view. You can swipe left or right to access additional tracks or see previews of upcoming tracks. You can also tap on a single or playlist, and you will be redirected to more songs from that artist. Overall, this new design might take some getting used to, and not everyone might like it. However, it is good that it is not the default view on the homepage, and you can switch to the old-school view if you prefer. So, if you are a Spotify user and haven't seen the new design yet, go ahead and update your app to see this TikTok-style layout. Try it out and let us know if you like the new design or not. Stay tuned for more tech updates and tutorials.

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