Spotify Wrapped 2022 - overview

so here is Spotify wrapped 2022 I just got an email and yeah let's just open it up see how it looks like so this is a very popular format uh Spotify wrapped uh yeah a lot of apps are following this it's basically like a stories uh like Instagram stories summary um you can see our top songs 2022 um uh playlist you can see all of this playlist created uh you can see yeah all of the events from from that uh so yeah this is kind of interesting format and it's going viral so let's just see uh how it looks like uh so yeah here you just have all of these songs uh uh yeah like that uh so yeah this is just like you know like a holder where you have uh all of these basically you also have this story which you can just follow uh and you can just tap to speed it up so here you can see that uh so here you can see all of the like just like an overview and then you can just share it uh then uh you can see that uh uh all the songs all the playlists are super handy because if you're listening sub top track okay actually recently I must say I'm switched a bit to title I'm trying out this platform as well because of the master sound uh but yeah also here I was just like looking here it's more like a pop kind of songs here on Spotify uh so yeah that's basically what it is uh and then it also discovers some listening personality of the adventure that's cool exploration units variety uniqueness so yeah and then you can just share your um uh uh genres your top songs in different styles I hope that was helpful pretty cool feature just open your Spotify app and see all of the stats

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