so here's interesting app which is called spotty stats for spotify so i'll just open it up and see how it works so the idea is that it's basically spotify wrapped every day of the year so you can go get all the stats all the analytics of your spotify account all the year around you can see all recently played songs on spotify uh you can see uh yeah just exact the exact uh date and time of all your songs played back to like five days ago and then you can see uh if you want to see a full history then you just need to upgrade um and start the fans for spotify will yeah it will be called statsifam soon then you have app settings here you can see your top artists past four weeks you can see the top albums okay you need to upgrade you can see your top tracks um four weeks six months lifetime um so something like that then you can see your stats like that uh so you can see what is your top genre appearing in the pop house tropical house edm pop dance deep house 77 of your tracks are danceable energetic instrumental so you can see that uh yeah it just depends like my music test i'm i'm using spotify mostly for like this dance music so that's that and then you have your account of course to get access to this app you need to log in with your spotify account um you can also add your privacy settings you can see all the types of uh of stats you want to be seen here uh so something around that there are some algorithms uh you can import your streaming history you can [Music] check out how have different types of algorithms probably so yeah yeah so for this additional features you will need to upgrade to plus then you can add friends incoming friend requests and then you can just search friends so you can send a friend requests you can cancel that you can also see the um yeah their stats and probably you can invite your friends if you know the username of spotify then you can see global charts here you can see artist you can see albums that's a cool feature actually to see global charts from spotify right in this app yeah because sometimes you just don't know how many streams uh it has so and then you can see uh top tracks uh so this is the lightest tracks maybe this artist today or something this global church of the popular tracks are from the selected time frame but they are also based on the people from the [Music] uh here who imported the history so then you can see the track links so then you can just open it in spotify and listen there so something around that and then you can see the charts the past week you can change the view you can change the different filters for all of that for some additional filters of course you will need plus account and then that's basically that um then there is your overview so there is body stats plus remove all ads top 99 instead of top 50 artist tracks cha check your top albums uh you have many total tracks and minutes played you have times and minutes per state per artist album track all of that and to get spotty stats plus is just 3.99 a one-time purchase so it's not monthly it's not yearly it's just one-time purchase so that's pretty cool right and then you can just get access to all this analytics and data and just play with it and see how it works you can share with your friends there's also a discord server you can go here you can see how many people online and then there is tiktok so yeah that's the idea quite interesting right so there you have it uh there are some friend requests here you can see your friends you can edit your profile it's all imported from there from the spotify so yep that's that's basically it um so hope hope it is helpful uh yeah of course if you don't want to have your profile super public you can just always accept this information so something around that i hope it is helpful um thank you for watching and let's catch up in the next videos

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