SSL error ps5 error 0x00000023 - possible solutions

Hey there, so here is some possible workaround for this annoying PS5 error 00023 or how it's called. So as you can see, it's happening for different games. This user writes on the Reddit about Apex. So I just got PS5 after downloaded Apex and keeping this error code SSL error SSL connect error. What users suggest here is that:

  1. First, close the game.
  2. Then you need to sign in to EA account via EA Website on your phone or computer.

Just remember your EA credentials, sign in with that on your computer, then you will be able to sign in with your PlayStation account credentials. Windows should pop up to accept the terms and conditions with EA, and then try launching Apex again or any other game. So yeah, just basically try to sign in to on your browser not here not in the console just in your laptop or mobile and follow the prompts from the sign-in process. So just try it out and feel, leave it in the comments if it fixes the issue for you or not.

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