Stake Notcoin via Notcoin Bot

In a recent video transcript, the process of staking Notcoin via the Notcoin Bot was discussed. The speaker mentioned that accessing the option to stake Notcoin directly through the Telegram-based bot was a straightforward process initially. However, the feature seems to have been removed, possibly to be reintroduced in the future. It was highlighted that there are four levels in this staking system - bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. By staking more Notcoin, users can progress through these levels, ultimately gaining access to better pools and the opportunity to earn more Notcoin at a faster rate.

One of the essential aspects mentioned in the video was the idea of staying invested in Notcoin within the app instead of withdrawing or swapping it. By completing challenges, users could potentially advance to higher levels, receiving increased rewards in the process. However, the speaker noted that a button related to upgrading levels had disappeared, suggesting that a minimum Notcoin balance might be required to access certain features within the app.

Despite the speaker's experience with the Notcoin Bot, they also mentioned the possibility of other apps for staking Notcoin. While apps like Ton Keeper were referred to, it was noted that only Toncoin was currently supported, not Notcoin. The speaker expressed uncertainty regarding the exact process or availability of options for staking Notcoin through different platforms.

Overall, the video transcript provided insights into the staking process for Notcoin via the Notcoin Bot, outlining the potential benefits of staking and the various levels users can progress through based on their Notcoin holdings. However, the temporary absence of certain features within the app raised questions about the accessibility and functionality of the staking mechanism.

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