StandBy mode on iOS 17 overview - how to edit settings?

Standby mode on iOS 17 overview - how to edit settings?

iOS 17 brings a lot of amazing features to Apple devices, one of which is the standby mode. It is a feature that turns on when in stationary horizontal mode and on power to show information like widgets, a photo frame, or a clock.

To access standby mode on your iPhone, go to settings, then go to standby. However, before you can enable this feature, you need to update your iOS to version 17. Once you've updated, place your iPhone in the horizontal (landscape) position and connect it to power. Automatically, you will see the horizontal view of a photo frame.

If you have an iPhone 14 Pro or any other premium iPhone, the horizontal view will look sharp and sophisticated. In standby mode, your iPhone displays switches like clock, recent photos, music, and other essentials.

To enable the display always-on feature, switch "display always on" button on. When on, the display will intelligently turn off when not in use, or attention is detected. Also, the standby screen presents a red tint in low ambient lighting, which is also called night mode. The motion feature turns on the display when it detects any motion.

Overall, standby mode is an excellent addition to iOS 17. It can be compared to a photo frame, which makes the iPhone look more attractive and less boring. To customize standby mode, just follow the procedures outlined in the settings. You can enable or disable any feature as you please.

Here are the easy steps to edit standby settings on iOS 17:

  1. Update your iPhone to iOS 17
  2. Go to settings
  3. Tap standby
  4. Enable display always-on feature
  5. Choose to turn off display when not in use or when attention is detected
  6. Customize the red tint in the standby screen
  7. Turn on the motion feature to extend display

In conclusion, standby mode on iOS 17 is a cool feature that enhances the iPhone's screen. It transforms the boring vertical screen into a horizontal photo frame that displays widgets, time, and other essential features. Edit the settings to customize the standby mode and make it work for you.

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