hi everyone so here's interesting app called Starry eye create AI art so let's just explore it uh there are a number of apps where you can actually create a art from prompts using AI there is a dream app there is Wonder AI app a bunch of others so yeah so you just need to enter a prompt and let AI create arts for you so here as you can see that's how it works Starry AI lets you create incredible artworks in one simple step enter a prompt for the AI to work with it can be honest in even emojis select their preferred style that's it so let's just let's just explore it it's this app is appearing more and more in the top charts so for example uh what I want to see I can just enter Forest I can add like a digital art so featured styles then you can see popular is a style of full medium then you can also select communities and Tool like all of these are just different prompts which you're adding and which will just create a different image overview then you select how many images you want and then you just basically tap create get notified it can take few minutes and then okay right then you need still to enable notifications let's just enable that uh and then yeah in queue you will receive a notification once your creation is ready great so probably in the in the free version is just takes some time in pro version um you can get 50 credit packs per month plus five credits daily fifty percent of all credit bags ad free experience and local canvas sizes free for X Forex upscale and remove watermarks so you can get that and one year you can get for 95.99 so not cheap one month twelve dollars yeah because uh so here you just have what's have been generated so far four images which have been generated however I don't know how it relates to Forest or maybe here you can just see prompts and then you can see settings and then you can see model iterations and then you can see seed you can then just do retouch actually okay it's pretty cool um so yes pretty Advanced I must say compared to uh like Wonder app or Dream by one Bob because here you can actually generate some pretty cool images and then you can earn uh earn thousand credits if you share art if uh three credits if you share on Twitter Instagram Tick Tock or Reddit you can watch ads and also earn some credits uh then you can also buy credits here um then there is some FAQ section if you're interested so you can also sign in and create an account and you can just go and read FAQ so credits you can get free users daily credit is available to claim every day after 5 a.m your local time um so yeah you can always reach out to their support um here we have intercom so yeah that's the app it's actually it's it's a bit more complicated I would say than like other apps like Dream by one board something like that but here you can really play with it and just generate a lot of these creations here you can see some of your Creations available some of your projects then you can also explore all other people like you can just go here you can follow but then you need to to log in to follow someone uh you can okay so it's also like a social media uh app where you can see other creations from other creators it's kind of like Instagram for this AI artwork so pretty cool so yeah interesting photo definite Insurance app definitely give it a try uh by the way you can also choose some image so for example you can just generate a picture based on the image so for example if I have this Forest just I want to see Forest just without any styles and then there is advanced options describe what you want to see don't you want to see in the in the image so here you can just say I don't want to see orange because I just want to see green or stuff like that uh and also you can see checkout on this kind of a size you can see set run time random seed like this is a bit more advanced you know like if you already played with Wonder AI app or something like that then uh yeah you will see a bit more different pictures and then here you will see it's appearing in your recent uh Creations there's like pretty cool Technologies this is um so yeah that's basically the idea so yeah it still takes some time probably from the images it just takes more time to generate this um okay I still have three credits so each credit is just basically one want to attempt to generate these images um so yeah anyhow it just takes time but cool app uh joined our Discord engaging Community usually this course for this app uh have some deals and have some prizes if you generate a lot of images and then you can also generate images and you know get some following and all of that so that can also be quite interesting and so yeah definitely give it a try um hope this quick tutorial quick overview was helpful I just often create videos about interesting apps on my YouTube channel so make sure to like this video the more likes it gets the more Rich it has of course always you can just subscribe but that's not yeah ideally it would be a great present for me if you just subscribe to my channel and yeah hope that's all is helpful and thank you for watching

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