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Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Mr Hacker Podcast. So let's just go through the overview of the latest tech news. So, first like Ellon Musk Musk said, SpaceX could launch its next generation Starship spaceship into orbit this year. Despite ongoing regulatory and technical challenges. So this is like very high anticipated launch. It's all over social media. Like the height of the Starship is around like 50 meters, 9 meters diameter, so that's like a huge Starship. Initial flights will carry Starlink Internet satellites into orbit. NASA later wants to Starship to bring astronauts to the Moon, now scheduled to occur as early as 2025, so that's super interesting development. A lot of the users are super excited about Starlink Internet satellites. Which which you can get. And Musk said he wants to eventually hold cargo and remembers to Mars and create empowerment settlement here.So yeah. SpaceX or has already done a series of test flights of the prototype.A star by bias for the initial orbital flight Starship will circles that are one time and then splash down into the Pacific Ocean.Uhm? On the Thursday, SpaceX shared and animation of what a launch would look like, so that's. That's interesting this this can be like a super big advancement in the space race.So yeah, another news I'm just today I'm going through the inside Tech newsletter update.I really enjoy inside newsletter, so you should definitely subscribe there. It's just like a daily overview of most interesting news and updates. So Wardell app, is it worth while it's still viral, like you can see a lot of people posting the word updates all over social media so.Yesterday a few days ago I tried it. It wasn't the original website, but now it most moved to New York Times because New York Times acquired that. So some world users are reporting that their player streaks did not properly transfer to the games. New versions in New York Times website. New York Times side is working on a solution to restore the strikes which strikes the consecutive days supplier has solved the puzzle.So probably there was some issue with with the database or something and the original word website.Dramatically redirects to the New York Times site. Some players report on social media. Their strikes were set back to one on the new version. Annuity word games and logic. FA Q recommends that players use the same device in browser to open the game because on the Wardle app there wasn't an option to create an account and log in and save all of that, so it was just tracking you by your device and IP or something. Or just you know browser. So I just don't know like how that might work. So yeah, that's that. Uh. So, California Department of Fair Employment Housing has sued test after finding evidence that the company engaged in various forms of racial discrimination, including denying equal π promotions and all of that. So that's some interesting development I've done all the details of that. French President Emmanuel Macron said France plans to build 6 nuclear reactors. At this it's 6 to achieve total energy independence and there is a lot of discussion lately about.Nuclear reactors, how safe are they? And seems because people are like like planet is looking for the solution to become less.Which can be much less harmful for the climate, and seems like the solution this was already invented. It can be nuclear reactors, but yeah, I'm originally from Ukraine and we had the sink there, which is called Chernobyl. The worst nuclear disaster and. So that's why in Ukraine or you know also in Japan, like in some parts of the world, there is still a bit of like not sentiment, but like how do you like? What's the probability that you make these things like super super safe and super? Protect it like others, some additional measures and all of that might be even if there is is like 1%, but like if you put director in some area like your novel or something like literally 30 kilometers around that place is just contaminated with substance of years so.That's just that, but on the other hand. It's really like that. The most seems the most efficient energy solution at this at this point.So does that also other news. Playboy sad it plans to build its iconic mansion in the matters. So that's interesting. Everyone is jumping on the web. Three matters train these days. Like all the brands are just trying to engage somehow. But let's just. Here you can just yeah, I'm just going through the CNBC. Playboy wants to build a new mansion in the Matadors Playboy has plans to reboot his brand in the Digital World Company already created 1000 FT.Uh. It also has a separate company which competes with ONLYFANS. Uh. And so there Harris. The company is focused on trying to leverage that inherent value in the digital world. Uhm? So yeah, a lot of brands are trying to do that. I'm just trying to figure out which platforms are they going to do. Uh. And they have like 10 millions of pieces of content in our archive, which can also be dropped as NFT. So Derek Howard. Yeah, I don't have like a. Yeah, we don't have the exact details like on which platform or like how they expect it to build that exactly from technical point.But yeah, there you have it. Also Salesforce. Is a. Good job on the crypto wall. Is there a list of NFT cloud service executives announced plans for the service during a sales kickoff? Sales giant wants to launch a service for university, create content and release it on a. Or is it on an outside and a few marketplace such as open sea? Executives reference Pepsi's work with. Pioneer and brands will search for utilities through the tokens in 2022. And if Team market already surpassed 40 billion in 2021, it is expected to have a QQ 185% through 2026. So that's just a quick recap of today Tech news. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for listening.

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