Starting with ten ten app - easy guide

So then, when you create your account, you see this screen. By the way, you can create your account with Apple, Google, or TikTok sign in, also with email. However, with email, sometimes there is an issue and with a phone number, you can't do it because it's been disabled. So, you just know there are some issues when creating your account. It can be glitchy sometimes, you may not receive SMS verification, so you need to try again.

After creating your account, you will see the main view where you can swipe through your friends. To add friends, you need to tap on the plus icon in the bottom left corner. Then, you will get your PIN code, which you can copy and send to your friends. Your friends can add you by entering this PIN code. It is not possible to find users by username or full name in the app at the moment.

Once you have added your friends, you can manage them by blocking or removing them as needed. The app may have some glitches, like quitting on its own at times. You can also explore features like Focus Mode and Do Not Disturb mode to customize your experience.

It might be a good idea to create a custom Focus Mode to ensure that the app does not disrupt you in important situations. This feature can be especially useful in settings like classrooms or work meetings. By enabling this mode, you can block distractions from the 1010 app for a specific period.

This app is designed for easy communication with friends, particularly for teenagers. It allows you to chat in a speaker mode, eliminating the need to hold your phone near your ears or wear earbuds constantly. This setup can make group conversations more convenient and fun, especially when chatting with close friends or family members.

In conclusion, the 1010 app offers a unique way to interact with friends, simplifying group conversations and enhancing the chatting experience. It may require some troubleshooting during the account setup process, but once that is sorted, users can enjoy seamless communication with their contacts.

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