STARZ app - how to create an account?

Here's Starz app, Starz Entertainment, so how to create an account. So when you just go to the app you can just log in or you can sign in with Apple. However, I think it's only available in US, so let's see if you can actually sign in with from some other account. So yes, you can see it's only available in US at this moment. You can sign in with Apple or Google, but yeah that's what it is. It also says that it's kind of shutting down in Europe or something, so not sure. But anyhow, they have nice promotions these days, so you can claim a special offer. You can get 2.99 per month offer for first three months, so it's a good offer. And there are some original series, there are some interesting shows. So if you're kind of getting bored with Netflix or HBO or Disney Plus, maybe it's time to explore this app. It's a nice alternative, so give it a try.

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