STARZ Entertainment app - quick overview

Hello everyone, so here is stars entertainment app. So let's just install it to see how it works Like if you plan to use it just a quick tutorial for you what you can expect As you can see this app is among top streaming apps right now HBO is Netflix is Apple TV Plus Maybe it's not like top three among top three, but it's definitely getting some good series and you can see some interesting actors and some their library of originals and exclusive is just growing up and the price Is just 2.99 per month for your first three months So it's a nice promotion And you get at free streaming full downloads of series and movie stream on up to four devices at a time new content added every Week, so there's always something new to watch. So let's just open it up And just need to accept and then yeah, you can allow notifications You can just explore it And here is just a quick overview you don't even need to create an account to get started So then if I just go to some episode I Can see the series info and it's kind of like similar to Netflix This is just like the interface how it looks like and what happens All right Hmm interesting so other shutting down everywhere or it's only in Europe So anyhow You need to probably create an account So you have to create an account just you can sign in with Apple or Google Or you can restore your purchase if you already set it up But yeah, that's just a quick overview what you can expect

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