Structured app review. Is it the best daily planner? I think it, you know, it's actually a really good calendar app. It's in the top charts of productivity. And why is that? Because it has a really nice and smart design out there.

So, of course, there are like tons of calendar apps out there, but the moment you start using them, you can kind of just get overwhelmed and all the tasks, and then I usually just don't use them then. But here in this app, you just open it up, and this is the app, you know, just quickly structurize your day. It's not possibly like the best app for like work and stuff, but if you just wanna, you know, organize your day, and I really like this design.

I talked about this is just basically combines to-do list and your calendar in one view, so you just have this kind of view, and then you just have suggested tasks already. You can just enter like go shopping, for example. Then you set up when you want to do it, how long, which color, how often you can set up recurring things. But then you need to upgrade to pro.

And another good thing about this app is it's not that expensive, three dollars per month, and then yearly is just ten dollars or a lifetime thirty dollars. You can add any details, and then for example, I create a task. And then here I just see this nice view. It looks like that, and then you can add another task, it automatically adjusts the icon, and then you can just create a task and then, for example, something like that, you can add subtasks. You can see all these notifications, like five minutes until your next task. You can just copy it. You can just finish it. And that's the overview of how it looks like and how you can see it from here.

And recently, another really smart feature is this AI helper. It's only available when you upgrade; this is basically uses OpenAI chat gpt, and then you can just basically talk in plain language what you are planning to do, and then this assistant will create tasks for you. So you can say, "Hey, tomorrow I will go like, you know, to work. I will do exercise. I need to do laundry. I need to start the dishwasher, whatever. I need to also visit some friends and go to sleep at 10 p.m." Or something like that, and then it will automatically create these daily tasks for you. So, it's super smart and it's really amazing technology. So if you like, you know, all this like, you know, structured calendar views, that's definitely the feature you need to try out.

Um, so yeah, and then there is also a reminders inbox where you can just add some reminders if you also like reminders. So that's already combines two apps on your iOS. On iOS, you have your calendar and you have a reminder app. This app already replaces two of them. There is also a cloud sync. You can also change the theme. Of course, if you don't like this one, you can change calendars, help feedback. And yeah, so give it a try, really, really amazing daily planner app. I did some reviews of some other calendars, but this seems to be one of the best ones.

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