Subscribe to creators in Talkie app - what is it?

So, there's a new update for the Talkie app in Turkey that allows users to subscribe to creators and chats. This feature, although still somewhat unclear, seems to provide users with the ability to have a history of their chats, followed bots, and now, the option to subscribe to specific bots or creators. However, the process of actually subscribing remains a mystery for now.

Upon tapping on a bot, it appears that subscribing is not directly possible. Some users have attempted to subscribe, but the feature seems to be non-functional with zero subscribers being shown. On the profile page, users can see the number of bots they have created and their subscriber count, but beyond that, there seems to be limited information on how to subscribe or utilize this feature.

While the details may be scarce at the moment, it is clear that Talkie has introduced a new feature that allows users to subscribe to creators and potentially bots. As with any new update, it may take some time for users to fully understand and explore its functionalities.

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