Substack recommendations - feature overview

so there is new feature from sub stack i just received that sub stack recommendation simple cross promotion for writers new way for writers on sub stack to recommend each other and discover more great work today we are rolling out a new feature to allow writers to directly endorse each other's publications and stop stack recommendations writer can select a number of publications to recommend to new subscribers and the writers of those publications will be notified and prompted to recommend back this cross promotion feature provides a way for writers to promote and discover each other on their own terms so yep so that's of course you could recommend like all other writers and substance before but it's like a manual process uh so how it works writers can now select other sub stacks to recommend when a new reader subscribes to their own publication they also have the option to add a personal prop a chance to describe why they endorse the publication okay so we can just go to sub stack and probably somewhere in substance settings and you can see you can see this image this setting and then uh yeah if someone subscribes and becomes maybe a paid member or just a free subscriber to your subsequent newsletter you also can say like hey also please subscribe to this uh to these channels so uh something like that and that's that's a cool feature so when you subscribe you can also see all these recommended publication publications and then you can just say subscribe to three and continue so and then the recommended writer will receive any mildly details of how the endorsement has impact subscriber number so that's yes that's an interesting develop development interesting feature so that's how you can endorse and collaborate with other writers in sap stack yup you can also add links to your publication home page links to other newsletters by other creators so that's what you can do as well so yeah interesting so that's a new feature so find it in sub stack settings so yeah hopefully it will be useful for you and thank you for watching

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