Subway app - quick overview

here's Subway app Subway at your fingertips so you can just tap get to install this app um yeah and it's uh quite convenient if you like Subway food I guess you can just order a lot of stuff just from this app and then you can also select location for pickup and delivery and earn some rewards get some deals and promotion and all of that so a lot of these chains like food chains these days have pretty Advanced apps and if you're using the app you can actually get quite a lot of rewards discounts and free orders deals and all of that so definitely give a try rather you know you you're like join the juice or Subway whatever McDonald's all of that sometimes you can just get some good discounts here uh you can sign up for rewards and then yeah you can just browse like as a guest and then you can just see some sandwiches uh you can start order uh um like here then you can just see your back and then you can just go to specific store as there are some deals uh promotions Delicious Delivery you can deliver that uh so yeah all of that and then if you want to sign up for rewards then you can just create your account and uh get exclusive member on the offers and more and all of that so yeah just do that in case you're um you know you're ordering from from this food restaurant you can definitely try out also this app the app is super easy to use quite intuitive there are not like some Advanced menus here so just give it a try and then you can get some uh deals like uh some quick delivery and all of that so yeah hope that's helpful

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