Sunroom: connect with creators - app overview

here is interesting trending app which is called sunroom connect with creators so let's just install it and try to create an account so standard i just use my touch id uh sunroof sunroom is the creator app where women and non-binary people make money absolutely anyone is welcome to join as a member and connect with learn from enjoy the world's top creators uh so we are welcoming in a new era of their their careers women power and creating a community around celebrated self-expressions uh we want our creators to get rich from following their frequency because making money on your own terms is a wonderful liberation and we believe there is no shame in putting a price on your time and content we are called sun room because being in here feels like one warm safe and fully seen so let's just open up the app and then yep from here let's just see how it looks like i chose to do a video about this app it was featured in the tech crunch newsletter so it's like super interesting to check it out so here you can just add your phone number so as you can see it's a while well not only in united states but you can add any phone number so then i'll just continue then i just need to add a verification code so yep uh are you r18 uh what's your email so then you can just add your email here and just tap continue enter username let's see about cheering uh beams are virtual currency you can buy and use for cheer to creators positive creators beam costs between 28 cents and a five cents beams are shipping large bags hearing is how you react to post and how you access bytes content before purchasing memberships tune is another way to support your creators one tier costs one beam about tipping you can always keep creatures and then you can become a member a paid membership to creators community gets you full access to their content and direct messages that creator memberships are listed in usd and purchased using in-app purchase and there you have it so now you just have if you follow me on instagram you know and then you can just scroll it through similar to instagram and that's basically like you know um some interesting photos or just some reposts and then you can just hear yep here you can also shop i think and then just have all of it available if you want you can become a creator at the moment we are on board on boarding a limited number of creators so that we can maintain a diverse community and ensure product performance and there is some selection criteria gender so here you have it engagement expertise or talent boldness realness vulnerability business ambitions all of that so and after that you can just apply here but as a reader i think it's possible to create the account for anyone so there you have it so here you can also purchase more beams to support creators to add boss obviously you need to just submit a creator applications um here then there is all there are also messages you can message someone and basically that's the app so for example yeah i can just clap and then hi guys you can see that i have done 99 beams because i'm giving like 100 beams just for creating an account with this app so yeah that's that's basically the idea i think this app is trying to build something like uh just like in niche a creator community where everyone can just support this niche community and yeah so that's super interesting initiative definitely go check it out maybe this app will become big because there is a lot of power in you know some uh niche communities or just instead of creating a very general app for everyone you just create this kind of app so definitely give it a try and thank you for watching this video

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