SUPER DUOLINGO TUTORIAL - should you upgrade?

So here is a super Duolingo overview. If you want, you can upgrade. They have a lot of ads to upgrade, and they offer a 14-day free trial if you upgrade on a yearly plan or a 7-day free trial if you upgrade on a monthly plan. Here are some features of the upgraded version:

  1. Ad-free lessons.
  2. More practice opportunities with less mistakes.
  3. Unlimited attempts at legendary proficiency.
  4. Unlimited hearts to help you learn without worrying about making mistakes.

To get started with the super Duolingo app, simply update the app icon. By upgrading, you can change the app icon to the super Duolingo icon, distinguishing it from the standard version.

If you decide to upgrade, you can access the menu in the top part labeled "super Duolingo" and customize various features. One of the key benefits of upgrading is the ability to remove ads, which can be quite annoying in the free version.

Additionally, you have the option to start a family plan if you wish to share the benefits with others. It's important to note that the upgrade comes at a cost, so it's essential to consider whether the investment aligns with your language learning goals.

If you are dedicated to learning a language, the upgrade may be worthwhile. However, if you are content with the free version, you can continue learning by watching ads and collecting gems. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade depends on your language learning needs and preferences.

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