let's go through the service on the go app it's in the top charts right now so as you can see it's number one in lifestyle charts and yeah it's about pinterest tinder yeah it's like pretty amazing um so this app that is about that you can make extra cash with premium surveys so you can complete some easy surveys uh and just you know while you're standing in the queueing supermarket waiting for a flight or just commuting you can just complete the service and earn like one two five dollars ten dollars it just depends and then it just adds up and then uh you can get this cash and you know get like twenty dollars or something like that so it's not that much but still fun and then you can get like a free coffee or something like that um service on the go app will help make money on the go when you're bought at home out shop and you have the chance to earn some free easy money real cash not points uh however you need to know that most surveys will pay you way less than ten dollars usually it will be just one dollar even like 50 cents rarely up to like three or five dollars so you need to really do a lot a lot of surveys to earn some decent income with this uh you need to uh yeah then another thing when you create an account you need to enable your location to track your location at all times so that can be a bit annoying and that can drain your battery and then you need to enable all notifications so that's that then there you have it then you can redeem your payment [Music] and that's it uh like another thing is that this app is only working in i think united states so if you are traveling or something you won't be able to take this survey so for example i'm in europe and it says currently there are no surveys making sure notification are on will ensure immediately alerted about new surveys so that's basically how the app looks like you just have all these surveys here and then you will receive some service in this inbox notification and then in your support chat then you will see how much you have earned you can redeem it and then you can redeem this amount you can see the payout history transaction history um you can see the uh yeah your profile uh so this is your profile you can enable your location services uh and you need here you need to check it out for always then you can enable digital surveys let us notify you of paid web activity by service by sharing your app and web activity so you can also enable that so you can also do that i don't know what exactly this is in in digital service vpn so maybe he's just using your data or something like that so i don't know if it is completely safe to enable that and give access to this app i don't have access to all information like to be completely sure so just you can do it at your own risk then of course you can just refer friends [Music] so if i want to send someone and invite to this app uh yeah this is how it looks like there is no referral code so you won't be able to earn revenue by referring people so no then there is a support center and you can just reach out to them and yeah so that's basically to redeem you need to earn at least 10 dollars before buyout you have these options gift card uh prepaid visa rewards so that's basically it um i don't know if this is visa card or some kind of visa reward which you need to redeem and you lose something to commission or something then there is starbucks gift card and then there is paypal you must have paypal account in order to receive survey payments by pilot save so if you currently have paypal account under make sure this email address is assigned to you to your account to receive money so that's basically that yeah this is an overview just make sure that you enabled your location and then that you are located in i think united states only because otherwise in the world it's it's not working and if you are traveling you won't be able to get access to the service at this moment so that's basically an overview

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