SUSH APP FULL OVERVIEW - how to grow a SUSH together?

Hey everyone, so here is Sush app and let's just explore how to grow a Sush in Sush app and how it works basically and what's the idea. So yeah, you just have this app, you create your account, you can share your username and then you can raise a Sush together. So that's the whole idea of the app. Sush is kind of like a little digital pet you have and you are growing it not yourself but with some other person. So this app is pretty cool to find new friends or you just spend time with your friends or just have fun or even with your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend you can just have nice time. So the idea is that you have like common digital pet together and then you need to give some points, you need to give some love to this Sush and yeah, so that's the idea. And then you need to complete missions for this rice ball to evolve into the next Sush. So you need to name your Sush, you need to feed it, you need to change wallpaper, stay alive for two days, find the friends. So I did all of that and I just need to change the wallpaper for the Sush. I can also meanwhile doing that, I can also just message my friend here and that's how we can develop our friendship together. And just have chats and all of that while raising this digital pet. So it's not like, you know, like very boring, it's like direct messages, which can be sometimes too much. So here you kind of just raising a digital pet together, but also messaging each other. So it can be a nice thing. And then you have all the different games which you can select here, prompt picker, what a challenge would you rather... So then you can just post this prompt here, for example, and play with that other person together. And you can also change outfit of the Sush. Some of it is locked, some of it requires coins. So you can also invite friends and then there are coins. You can easily find coins showing up around your Sush every day, but some of them are hidden in the app. Start petting your Sush. So yeah, that's the idea. And then you just can search for friends, search and then you can also add the Sush widget. You can share Sush on Snapchat. And here is your profile. You can rename your Sush. Or it's pretty funny. And then you can see how many of those are you raising. And then there are just settings. Here you can change language. If you don't like it, you can easily delete an account. You can follow on TikTok. Also you can add a home screen widget. So just tap and hold and then you can add plus and then you can add Sush. And then you are adding this virtual pet to your home screen. And then it will just kind of be like that. So yeah, that's the idea. That's how you can just add it. And then you can just tap and instantly go to the app and then just continue to feed your Sush. So the point of this app is the longer you stay together with your friend and you continue to feed in this Sush together, continue to do some challenges and all of that. Yeah, then the bigger Sush becomes. I never reached like a huge level here, but it can be a nice idea for you to try it. What will happen? I actually don't know. So currently just in the level four, but how to grow it in a bigger one, probably you will just unlock a lot of other features. And yeah, so that's basically the idea of it. Super interesting app. It's very popular in some countries and other countries is not that popular. So some people like this concept, some don't. And it yeah, it was a similar concept with Tamagotchi maybe 20 years ago or something where you had like literally pet in your small device even before the mobile phones. It was quite popular in Japan, I think. So now it's doing a bit of a comeback with all these virtual pets, virtual lock screen, pet widgets and all of that. So it's interesting. If you like it, yeah, just give it a try. Other than that, thank you for watching.

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