hi everyone here is swoosh app virtual pads let's just do a quick overview it's a interesting app to play around just to spend time so the idea is that um is that you have yourself and your friends here and together you are rising a virtual virtual path um so yeah there are all types of paths here and then for example something like that virtual Source you can you can read the description of it but yeah um and basically the idea is that uh you need to find friends here so it's a cool app to to look for some friends uh like for example here you can uh just uh send some requests find your friend here and then you the front will be invited to raise the swoosh together to raise this path and you need to like to bring some attention and like feed the pet and all of that together and it's a interesting just activity like to maybe to spend with your partner or close friend or something like that or just have fun so instead of just sending like boring messages to each other you just have like these path which you should grow together uh I didn't yet received a an expectation or if here you have here so someone accepted this sush and then I'm just uh uh growing this path together so then um I have these further challenges so uh share a photo of Fiverr drink share for of moments so this is just like a path it's just like uh you know it's not about the path it's just about spending some time together in the form of challenges in the fun of like standing different pictures uh going through some you know like topical challenges um I like so then you can just bring these accessories to this switch so then you can just ping your friend for example or something like that and then you will see that here is your pad and you can just draw it together um and then there are also like some mini games uh which you have can have fun around so find a friend uh name your shoes change wallpaper stay alive today's video so she's allowed to keep it alive and then uh then you you will evolve to the next level and to the next and then you're just reaching all these levels if you're just completing all these previous missions together um so yeah that's basically the idea of the app so yeah that's basically the idea now you have like you see some other person is changing wallpaper so you can add random friends from around the world you can add some random people or you can add just your friends uh and then you can just message each other so this concept is kind of similar to what like was popular in in uh you know in 90s I guess when there was like a Tamagotchi uh uh that's where you know there was like a physical small device like a pager you needed to carry it with your with yourself and then you needed to feed it every day so I think that's basically the concept but it's just as a mobile app and then with your friend you can create like a second a second path third Force pad foreign so just tap and hold and then you will see apps jiggling and then you can just add Source widget and then that's give virtual pad which then yeah you can just tap and select specific path from the list from and each path is just one of your friends and then yeah you can just play with it you can also send shares with yourself on Snapchat so that's what you can do uh yeah so something like that idea uh interesting app I think it's going quite viral in Latin America or some other countries it's not it's not yet getting that much traction in United States but it's still it's growing the list of top charts in the in the US App Store so super interesting then you just have your account in top left uh uh then you see all the messages and then you can delete your account uh from here you can reach out to support you can change hardcore you can change the language and all of that so in case you want to delete your account all the data associated with your account will be deleted from our servers it includes your username profile picture all the messages so that's basically the idea that's what you can do here so something like that um um yeah so I hope that can be helpful and it's an interesting app to check out and yeah so that's basically the idea and then yeah that's what you can do here um so yeah that's what it is uh hope that can be helpful and yeah follow my other accounts you can follow me on Tick Tock you can also like this video and tap join in the in the bottom if you like this video And subscribe join you will just support my channel a bit uh you can also follow my blog I just randomly do some overuse of some interesting apps which you should check out and which can make your life a bit more interesting so yeah so that's just like a quick overview uh just here you can add friends you can set some notifications if you want particularly the idea hope that is helpful and yeah let's SketchUp each other in the next videos hopefully

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