The SUSH app keeps loading bug has been causing a lot of frustration for users recently. This issue has been observed on both Android and iOS platforms, regardless of whether the device used is old or new, and the quality of the internet connection.

In the last few weeks of April, the app has been plagued with problems, causing users to lose their Sushes, which they have been building for hundreds of days. Unfortunately, reviving the Sushes has also been difficult, indicating that the app is broken. User reviews reflect these issues, with some stating that the app never loads, is always in maintenance mode, and has numerous bugs.

To address these issues, users can try restarting the app, changing their internet connection, or updating the app. Whenever possible, it is recommended to update the app as soon as a new version is available. It may also help to avoid using the app during periods when new features are being released and waiting to use it again after the updates have been rolled out.

Users can also contact the Sush app team through their settings, or by writing to sauce at Sush app, especially if they have lost a Sush that has been built for a significant number of days. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to buy a Sush by using coins or any other in-app currency, but the team may be able to help with reviving the user's Sush.

Overall, the SUSH app loading bug has been causing significant issues for the app's users. While there are a few temporary solutions that can be tried, the app's developers need to address the issue as quickly as possible to maintain user trust and satisfaction.

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