SUSH - virtual pets - app overview & how to use

what Switch app so basically you'd create your account for free and then the idea is that you can go online you can search for your friends or you can just search for all people uh online there are no limitations um uh yeah so you can just send requests and then the idea is that then you can grow this little creature together like a sushi it's called and the idea is is that this app is just offers you another way of sending text messages and sending Communications and all of that so yeah instead of just you know going to boring messenger and sending messages you kind of growing this creature together you you need to complete some challenges like you need to change the wallpaper together you need to send some hearts to this creature you need to rename it and all of that and in the meantime you just communicate uh so it's not like raising a baby together now but it's just like an interesting concept maybe you know like there was like in 90s as I was like a very popular thing called Tamagotchi where you had like a small device there were no mobile phones back then like small device and then you need to fit feed it every day and then it will kind of uh leave so it was very popular in Japan and that's this is like a thing about that so it's like a Tamagotchi in your phone but you're growing this little monster with your friend and like you every day need to go back to the app and just feed this monster uh and then you you need to uh yeah like fit it just complete some challenges and in meanwhile you also communicating with your friend or partner here you can see the switch family like you can grow different monsters together um you can also share all of that you can invite people here to this app and yeah the idea here is that yeah just having fun with friends uh here is your profile you can go to settings you can change your heart color for example you can change language you can also then add a widget you can also easily delete account which is cool if you want to and this is like my account and people can add me so you can just search for my username on this app and then yeah when you're growing this creature together you can just tap and hold and then you will see apps jiggling and then you can just search for Switch app like here and then that's your uh widget available here so you can only add this widget if you have already if you are growing this widget already with someone but if yeah if you just send a friend invitation and nobody accepted it in this case nobody is accepting it yet for this tutorial so it's it's not going like this but here I just have like invitation sand um so yeah uh that's the idea of the app you can enable notifications to not want to feed and want to complete all these challenges uh you can then see all another search available and then also probably you can share it on Snapchat so then you can just uh share your profile on Snapchat password from search so that's what you can do here adjust the sticker and then yeah here you can just uh invite people like that

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