SushiSwap exchange - how to use? FULL OVERVIEW

in this video i will try to explain you what is sushi swap how to use it in the in the like very basic level here is uh the app you can go to it is available on the web so you will need to use something like chrome browser or safari to use it for me it still is better to use it on the desktop than on mobile i'm not sure if there is a mobile app on iphone or android probably not and then yeah to get started as in all blockchain apps like majority of them you just need to connect your wallet here i already connected metamask i can always change it and you can use one of those like wallets connect keystone coinbase fortmatic party stores binance clover uh all of that then here in the in the top you can select the network uh by default i think the majorities you use ethereum there is also polygon avalanche phantom x die like harmony sell a fuse bunch of these networks so yeah then you can just select ethereum for example and then it should be you need to login to your metamask usually when you just log in with your account it's the same process you just have this chrome extension from metamask or from any other wallet and you just need to verify just using your password or just sign in here it's coinbase wallet uh you need like to use qr code or something like that so then you just tap switch network um and yeah then it should be switched so now there you have it so now you have ethereum uh also on the right side you can always just change the language uh there are this languages like these are most common used languages this i guess this little green sign here in the in the sushi swap is the signature of the uh gas price so it's like 60 street way i guess at the moment and then the main thing why people are using sushi swap or pancake swap or uni-swap is to swap all these different ethereum tokens if you already have some token like ethereum token in your in your metamask wallet you can swap it to for example uh select you need to select token here uh there are these common bases i actually don't know what that is i'm not such an advanced user these tokens are commonly paired with other tokens so uh yeah so for example if you want to you know swap one token for another usually there are a lot of like exchange bars using usdt or something like that so then you just need to search token name or pass the paste address so for example i can just search for some token here so here i'm just to show you i'm also trying to reconnect my metamask wallet and i just do it there is this chrome extension in the top right i just need to enter my password and there it is and again so let's just select a token here so for example if i just search for some token or so then for some reason there are some design issues i just so for example i want to get this token let's go brandon which is uh interesting token like uh yeah just search for the abbreviation and then i need to tap import uh here it is via coin geek it means that this is just a contract address so the same thing i can do let's go brandon contract you can just do this and then usually i will land on ether scan now that i can just copy this contract from here basically this is there you have it just copy address or i can go to coin market cap or coin geeko and then here i will just have this uh token address there you have it contract click to copy and then i can just do the same like i can swap to just select here this site seems a bit buggy but i think that's just yeah so then here i passed the address which i just copied and then i will see again the suggestion let's go brandon uh so two wise either you search or you just copy the address then your balance will automatically be displayed what you have in ethereum you can of course top up your ethereum balance vr meta mask and then yeah so then then you can just do something like this and then approve this and there you have it uh then you'll be able to swap and purchase that uh oops so that that's basically the feature then in the top right is transaction settings slippage tolerance your transaction will reward if the price changes unfortunately by more than this percentage usually it's auto then there is transaction that line the transaction will reward if it is pending for more than this one then you can enter export mode which is more like advanced mode if you're really pro here and some other settings this is as i told you this is a gas gray like gas uh price yeah you need to check like if you're doing some big exchanges usually it's a bit higher on the weekdays like thursday after 6 pm or something like that then it will be it can be 130 likes even 200 on the weekends it's a bit slower but i'm not an expert and then yeah so that's basically overall what is sushi swap so for the first website this decentralized exchange was uni swap as i understand but they are open source and their code is on github so everyone can get it and then like sushi swap emerge pancake swap emerge some other apps because basically you could take that github code and just create a bit other service and just enter like a bit other brand and domain and you have a new decentralized exchange very simplified terms i think that's how it started but of course each of these exchanges has some different features so the main feature is that of course you can swap all these ethereum tokens on sushi swap uh and not only ethereum but also some other tokens or some other networks then there are some additional like defy decentralized finance things you can do here liquidity provider rewards liquidity providers and 0-25 fee on all trades proportional to the ratio of the pool these are added to the pool make you in real time and can be climbed by withdrawing your liquidity so you can do that you can also migrate uniswap liquidity to your wallet migration is done in one click or hardwire so then you can just migrate of these tokens to the wallet which can be a really nice idea for your security then you can farm so maybe you've heard about harvest finance so if you just uh have that uh you know you can you can just hold huddle some some of the tokens and earn some like appreciation rate um yeah you can see here hundred uh forty percent hundred three hundred percent like thirty one thousand percent uh so yeah you can see all of that if you just hold into that token uh then you can land land your assets here uh earned yield is not in permanent loss isolated landed mark as mitigators as an asset lender know exactly what collateral is available to you in the event of counter party insolvency so you can try that also you can borrow on the other hand so this is the exchange borrow assets and leverage outboard which allows you to obtain liquidity without selling your borrowed limit depends on the amount of deposited collateral you will be able to borrow up to 75 percent of your collateral and anytime you reply any time with accurate interest so you can do that and then you can also stake maximum yield by staking sushi for each sushi so this is basically here you can just take steak your sushi token here for around 9 seven percent for here so hope that is helpful that's basically a quick overview and uh then you can just see all the stacked and let's take sushi token and that's that's basically what sushi swap is in a nutshell pancake swap all other exchanges unisop are pretty much similar this is how it looks like um yeah they might seem to use it is to buy all this smaller ethereum tokens some emerging tokens which can't be bought directly on coinbase for coinbase for example also has like coinbase exchange where you can buy ethereum based tokens and login with coinbase wallet and of course there are violence exchange all of that so basically that is that uh hope it was helpful

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