SWEATCOIN payslip - crypto while walking

so here is bitcoin payslip uh how it looks like so the idea of this app is that you earn for walking but you are not earning yet like real uh currency or anything so this is the project which is going viral there is an app called sweetcoin in the app store and then basically you can earn by walking so this app connects to your health kit app on iphone and then you can do all these steps and then it just compares how active are you and then this app what it did it plans to launch a cryptocurrency token uh which is called swcs coin so basically if you sweat a lot by walking you can get this coin and then this coin is not yet on any exchange i'd like to be completely clear i don't know like if it is completely uh yeah one it will be on exchanges can you really monetize it and all of that but yep here is a sweat coin and basically your this is every week it just sends me some stats that i did this amount of steps this week i did like 28 more six percent compared to last week and then i earned 21 sweatcoin and then i can see in which rank i am and then i can see that uh yeah this is what i've earned and then i can just open the app and see how it looks like in the app so this is a free app you can get it in app store and now i can see kind of this this balance how it looks like at the moment uh it's only possible to spend them in in the shop so there is some like digital offers but you need to to have like hundreds of thousands of walks to to i don't know like of steps to to get at least something and like that's what the original idea of that that they have this internal marketplace uh where you could get like paypal gift card or something like that but you need to work like for hundreds of kilometers to get like 10 bonus or something now they have this idea of swat coin with uh that in future it will be some kind of cryptocurrency so it says you are working for a few future crypto tokens uh and swat is uh is uh launching this summer and then you can also join the community you can go to the website and then you can learn more about it uh introducing sweat a new cryptocurrency you create with your move is designed to bring you value to your steps you can exchange trace and earn under get rewards just like any other one sweat for one sweat coin and [Music] yeah so that's that your first 5 000 steps every day will create or mean sweat minting will get harder over time just like bitcoin and as we sweat coins we take five percent fee from the spot created so that's basically that so [Music] uh it says actually that now it's 1000 steps for a sweat [Music] but here it says 5000 stops and i'm not completely sure uh so yes there are a lot of new things in the app is just being developed and being built so as you can see so on 41 000 steps and 20 21 uh sweat coin so it makes like what two thousand uh steps for one sweat coin so something around that um yeah so at the moment it's around 22 000 steps anyhow this is the idea i don't know what will be the future be for this crypto maybe some people think they can get rich with it or something like that but other than that of course it's a just great motivation app because you know if you think that at least you are earning some crypto and you can exchange it for some gift cards at least in the future yeah then just walk more like go on the walks go like to some trips to some hikes and then just take your phone with you or your apple watch you use just just the most important that this data is being tracked to your health kit and then yeah uh that's your motivational app for sure doesn't matter if it brings a lot of revenue or not in the future but at least it's it can improve your working activities and motivate you to be more active and all of that so hope this was helpful if you think it is helpful and you can motivate other people with this app to be more active just like this video super easy for you just to put a like of course you can also subscribe i don't ask you to subscribe you can also just like the video

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